ABSNC Digital Platform Launches in Phases

Certification programs accredited by the ABSNC frequently voiced a desire to have a digital platform to submit applications and annual compliance reports. For the last several years, the ABSNC board has thoughtfully considered the road to implementation. After some discussion, an RFP process was conducted to determine the best and most cost-effective platform for the needs of ABSNC accreditation and the constituents we serve. 

Following extensive evaluation, constituent organization survey and valuable input from a variety of communities of interest, the ABSNC Board of Directors determined that an electronic portal-based system would be constructed to support accredited organizations completion and submission of accreditation applications.  Furthermore, in order to better serve all accredited programs, reviewers and staff will be able to access submitted content through the portal, aiding in the review and communication with applicant programs. This move helps to better serve our accredited organization and brings the ABSNC a more contemporary customer service opportunity.  ABSNC President John Preston stated, “Our programs have spoken, and we have listened.  While this venture represents a significant dedication of resources, it is completely mission-centric and aimed at our goal of continued quality improvement for our accredited organizations.”