Remote Proctoring


The ABSNC initially addressed the critical need for certification organizations to continue to make certification testing available to its constituents during the COVID-19 crisis. As a result, approval of temporary remote proctoring was made available. Upon submission of application to conduct temporary remote proctoring, organizations experienced a prompt response from the ABSNC regarding application approval. 

Following the implementation of temporary remote proctoring, the ABSNC conducted a review of the Standards relevant to a long-term remote proctoring solution for accredited organizations. Once reviewed and circulated for public comment, the standards were revised to reflect the requirements for permanent remote proctoring:  

  • Organizations continuing with Remote Proctoring were required to submit additional documentation as indicated in the updated standards by April 1, 2021.

For organizations not currently approved for Remote Proctoring:

  • Adoption of Remote Proctoring during the reaccreditation cycle will submit an ‘addendum’ to their accreditation application encompassing the Remote Proctoring Standards.
  • Adoption of Remote Proctoring in conjunction with reaccreditation or initial application will include adherence to Remote Proctoring standards in the application.