Accreditation Standards: Examination-Based Certification

Examination-Based Certification Programs

Overview of Accreditation Standards for Examination-Based Certification Programs

Organizations applying for initial accreditation AND organizations submitting applications for reaccreditation of examination-based certification programs can complete the application on the ABSNC Certification Platform at with currently accredited programs, that have applications due between January 1, 2024 and July 1, 2024, will be offered a one-time 6-month submission extension.  

A copy of the application in MS Word format is provided below:

Please contact the ABSNC office ( with questions about any of the accreditation programs.

ABSNC has created a helpful template for the tables required for accreditation/reaccreditation of Examination-Based Certification Programs (e.g., item writers in standard 8.2; passing point panel in standard 12.2). Download the template here.