Annual Compliance Report

ABSNC accredited organizations are required to submit an annual compliance report to ensure ongoing adherence to accreditation standards. Certification programs initially accredited or reaccredited in the 12-month reporting period, will not be required to complete an entire report, unless noted changes have occurred (e.g., Bylaws revision) since accreditation or reaccreditation was granted.  Only information pertaining to the following will be required:

  • Name of Organization   
  • Reporting Period
  • Total Number of Registered Certificants Holding Credential for Period Ending June 30 of the Previous Year
  • Contact Person
  • Contact Phone Number               
  • Contact Email
  • Date of Initial Accreditation        
  • Date of Last Reaccreditation.

Beginning in 2021, the annual compliance report will be completed in the ABSNC credentialing management system, One form should be completed for each accredited RN or APRN Program. Certifying organizations with accredited APRN certification programs must complete the additional information on the form related to APRN programs. This information is specific to the 2008 Consensus Model for APRN Regulation.  

The deadline to complete the form annually is October 31st.  A fee of $500 will be assessed for any reports submitted after the deadline or that are incomplete. Please note that annual invoices will be distributed in conjunction with the annual compliance report.

In the event that noncompliance is determined by ABSNC in any area of the report, a letter will be forwarded to the organization no later than January 15th following the submission of the report. Within 30 business days from the date of the notice, the organization must respond with an action plan. Subsequent demonstration of compliance in the identified area(s) must be provided by the following year’s Compliance Report. If compliance is not demonstrated with the submission of the ensuing report, accreditation will be revoked.  Revocation of accreditation may be appealed as outlined in ABSNC policy.