ABSNC Annual Fees for 2022

Certification programs accredited by the ABSNC frequently voiced a desire to have a digital platform to submit applications and annual compliance reports. For the last several years, the ABSNC board has thoughtfully considered the road to implementation. After some discussion, an RFP process was conducted to determine the best and most cost-effective platform for the needs of ABSNC accreditation and the constituents we serve. 

Proposals received were carefully reviewed and a tentative determination was made regarding the most desirable platform. The ABSNC Board of Directors concluded that to support a suitable database, more revenue would have to be generated by the ABSNC. Several models for fee increases were evaluated over the course of a number of meetings.

The final model agreed upon is outlined below.  

Recommended New Fees

Up to 25,000




Over 75,001


Current Fees

Up to 25,000



Over 25,000


The Phase I rollout of the electronic online system has already proven to improve the process for annual reporting. Organizations with accredited programs were able to seamlessly complete the submission of their annual reports. Likewise, ABSNC Board Member reviewers were able to easily complete the review of the annual reports.

The ABSNC looks forward to completing Phase II of the transition to the digital platform. Upon completion of Phase II, organizations will have the ability to complete application submission online. We look forward to completion to Phase II in 2023.