ABSNC Update Regarding Live Remote Proctoring

It has been several months since ABSNC provided an emergency application process for the approval of remote proctored exam delivery on a temporary basis. This option has been well received and has stimulated questions regarding ABSNC’s defining characteristics of an “emergency” as well as our intentions for continuation of approval for remote proctoring following the resolution of a “temporary” situation.  As there is no indication of when test centers will return to full capacity, ABSNC cannot predict an end date for those programs that have been approved for remote proctoring on a temporary basis. However, it is not the intention of the ABSNC to remove temporary approval without notice. ABSNC will facilitate the permanent addition of remote proctoring to programs' existing accreditations. 

As such, ABSNC is fast-tracking its review of standards that will govern remote proctored test administration.  We will be updating these standards to include clear language regarding the eligibility and use of remote proctoring for certification examination. The ABSNC views remote proctoring to be a viable option for certification organizations and is committed to providing clear achievable accreditation standards that certifiers interested in utilizing remote proctored examination modalities can meet.