ABSNC Responds to COVID-19

Requests to initiate temporary remote proctoring:

ABSNC understands the critical need for certifiers to make certification available to their customers in a timely manner, especially in the light of the current COVID-19 crisis. Our intent is to help certifiers navigate these difficulties as smoothly as possible. In response, the ABSNC will, within two business days of the receipt of a completed application, review requests from its accredited program certifiers to deliver their examinations via remote proctoring. This is for certifiers who have documented loss of testing center capacity.

*This policy is not to be confused or misinterpreted to be a primary mechanism to begin remote exam delivery nor should it be used to supplement existing exam delivery channels.  This policy is for documented emergency implementation of remote proctoring for exam delivery when currently approved mechanisms for test delivery are precipitously severed.  ABSNC is continuing to examine remote proctoring and will be adding language on remote proctoring on future standard revisions.

Requests to initiate remote proctoring for examination on a time-limited basis should be sent to info@absnc.org and must include the following information: 

Name of program(s) to be administered via remote proctoring

  • Vendor name
  • Delivery mode (live remote or record and review)
  • Documentation detailing the vendor’s security measures for the remote proctoring system
  • Certifier’s plan for exam security monitoring and evaluation

Recertification Adjustments:

ABSNC requires that certifiers document temporary requirement changes/extensions and report rationale for such adjustments prior to initiation and then routinely in their annual reports. 

Other Adjustments to Standard Operating Procedures Made to Help Organizations support their stakeholders:

Please contact ABSNC with your questions as they relate to meeting accreditation standards.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of ABSNC, we appreciate and thank you for your dedication to your staff, candidates and certificants.

Please continue to send any questions to info@absnc.org and please share this communication with your staff. An application for remote proctoring requests is attached.

Thank you